Joining the lab as a new graduate student

If you are interested in joining the BEAVERS Lab as a graduate student, please note:

Dr. Bradford reads all applications fully. It should be noted that the psychology programs at Oregon State University are competitive. As such, successful applicants typically have higher than average GPAs, GRE scores and at least 1 year of research experience. It is also preferable to have strong letters of recommendation. Though authorship on publications are not expected, some demonstration of scientific writing ability and/or presentation experience is preferred. All that said, Dr. Bradford does read and consider all applications fully. If you have strong interest in our lab and believe your application would be considered less competitive for any of the reasons above, please either ask one of your letter writers to address this in their recommendation or speak to this in your personal statement.

More specific to our lab, applicants that appear familiar with the research we are doing and have interests that are aligned with our current research will be most competitive. Because our lab uses modern and sophisticated methods, applicants must be interested in learning about and acquiring the necessary expertise to use computing programs such as R and MATLAB. Finally, applicants with interest in Open Science theory and practice will fit best with our lab. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Bradford with any questions. You can apply to the psychology graduate programs at Oregon State here.