Lab Pets

You don’t have to be a pet lover to be a member of the B.E.A.V.E.R.S Lab but many members do love their pets. Click on each pet’s name to learn more about them.

Picture of a large white dog's face, chewing on a bone, looking at the camera against a white wall background.

Lucy Bradford
Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

A drawing of a smiling beaver with an orange EEG cap on and two electrodes placed under its right eye.

Dr. Bennito

Picture of two cats laying side by side. The cat on the left is black and white spotted, laying on its back with its paws stretched out and its eyes closed. The cat on the right is black with bright green/yellow eyes, laying on its stomach with its paws around the other cat.They are laying on a sofa with a red blanket on it.

Mo and Sid Beaman

Picture of a grey and black striped cat laying down on its side, with its paws on its belly. The cat is sleeping with its eyes closed and belly up.

Katty Tognoli
Black Tabby Cat

Picture of an orange cat laying on its side, sleeping with its head upside down, outside in the grass and flowers.

Oliver Tognoli
Orange Tabby Cat

Picture of a Betta fish with pinkish red fins in a tank against a leafy background.

Buddy Tognoli
Betta Fish