Corvallis, OR

About Corvallis

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Corvallis is conveniently situated in relation to a variety of locations: 90 minutes to Portland for big city people, 45 minutes to the coast for ocean lovers, and surrounded by hiking, backpacking and skiing opportunities. Corvallis is home to roughly 60,000 people – having a small town feel with some perks of a big city.

With much opportunity to explore and engage in many diverse communities, Corvallis is a welcoming and innovative community, with much to do outside of the university setting. Whether it be enjoying the local breweries or wineries, attending artistic gatherings or joining a pick-up sports league, Corvallis provides opportunities for all individuals.

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BEAVERS Lab in Oregon

We have included some photos of our lab members exploring Corvallis and neighboring areas in Oregon.

Two smiling people, one in a blue sweater and jeans, brown hair and one in a pink sweater and jeans, blonde hair with a llama in a field full of pink and yellow Tulip flowers.

Figure 1: Our PI, Dr. Bradford, his partner, and Caesar No Drama llama at a tulip farm outside of Portland.

A white Great Pyrenees dog with their tongue out standing on a rock precipice.

Figure 2: One of our lab pets, Lucy, enjoying a hike in Bend, OR.

A white Great Pyrenees dog in a field with trees and colorful clouds in the sky.

Figure 3: One of our lab pets, Lucy, enjoying a sunset view in Corvallis.

A person facing the horizon wearing a beige sweater and a clear, sunny sky above.

Figure 4: One of our Assistant Researchers, Mia, at the peak of Bald Hill in Corvallis.

A picture of a beach and dunes with bright orange and pink sunset in the sky reflectin off the ocean.

Figure 5: The view from Newport Beach.

A picture of a lake with trees in the background, sand in the foreground and a Jeep with doors open on the right.

Figure 6: The view at Foster Lake.

A picture from the inside of a red kayak on a river lined with trees with another person and kayak in the distance ahead. The kayaks are connected with a rope and the sky has some fluffy clouds.

Figure 7: One of our Assistant Researchers, Lindsay, enjoying the view on the Willamette River in Corvallis.